Q?Can i get an alert when a new 470 is filed?

Yes, you can setup in global alert settings to receive email alerts when a new 470 is filed in a state. you can select one, some or all states to monitor.

Q?I want to give access to other users in my organization to my subscription?

You can create other users to access your subscription account. This can be done by going to My Account Create User.

Q?I want to track certain events to alert me in the myErate, how can I do that?

You can setup custom alerts by going to My Account Rules Management. This will allow you to setup a rule to monitor all the Billing Entities, a specific Billing Entity, or a Funding Request. These rules can be activated or deactivated at will after creation.

Q?As a service provider , I need to see what other service providers are offering. How can I do that?

You can use the SPIN Analysis option on the menu to see who else is providing service in the Billing entity of your interest. The analysis will provide the Market penetration of each provider. It also allows you to apply filter by Service type to narrow down on service type to : Telecom, Internet Access, Internal Connections and Internal Connections MNT.

Q?Does myERATE have a tasks list?

Yes. With the ability to assign high, medium and low priority with due dates.

Q?Can I view the actual form 470 and 471 information in the FRN detail?

Yes. Links to the submitted forms are available from within the FRN detail.

Q?Will I have the ability to view form 470 from e-mail alerts?

Yes. A link to form 470 is provided in e-mail alerts.

Q?As a Service Provider, does myERATE send unlimited e-mail alerts for form 470, disbursed amount, and committed amount?

Yes. This is done by setting up which items you would like to track in global alert settings.

Q?How do I select my Billing Entities?

The billing entity selection can be made by going to My BEN in the main menu.

Q?How will I be billed for the myERATE services?

myERATE is a subscription based service, billed yearly. We provide different tiers based on the number of billing entities required. See Pricing for more information.

Q?When is the data updated?

The data is updated every night at midnight eastern standard time. The system is unavailable from 11:00pm EST to 1:00am EST.

Q?Do I get the smart phone app as part of my subscription?

Yes. All subscription levels include access to the smartphone app.

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