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A Few Words About myERATE

myERATE.com is simply the best way to transform the massive amounts of data supporting the E-rate Program into actionable insight for E-rate stakeholders.

Use our customizable alerts, notifications and reports, document management, and data analysis as a service provider, E-rate consultant, or school. Manage your E-rate processes more efficiently, identifying and responding more effectively to opportunities and status changes, eliminating missed deadlines, maximizing reimbursements, streamlining billing, freeing up resources, serving more clients and improving your bottom line with myERATE.com.

Our Background

myERATE was built by a dedicated team of professionals at My Code Matters, a software development company committed to creating more efficient and appropriate technology for numerous businesses and situations at the best price possible. My Code Matters is a dynamic technology company geared at delivering quality, effective, and efficient IT solutions to personal ventures and the corporate world. Since it started, My Code Matters has fostered strategic alliances with industry-leading specialists who share a similar mission to serve customers well. At My Code Matters, our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority. That means that with myERATE, you are offered the highest level of customer care and you have the most knowledgeable software professionals on your side.

We persistently develop models to accomplish our vision, building our own technologies, competencies and creating value for our customers.

“we exist
  to win you more E-rate business”

Why Choose Us

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The Best Software

We exist to save you time and win you more E-rate business. Our E-rate solution will organize and deliver the precise data you need, when and where you need it.

Support Center:

We aim to make the software fit your needs. No more downloading or missing deadlines or critical dates. We offer customizable notifications to track your clients, payments, and jobs. And if there’s a feature you want that we don’t have, we’ll build it.

We are competitively priced to be your E-rate solution.

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