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Trust myERATE.com to efficiently manage your Billing entities

myERATE.com is your total solution for your E-Rate funding application and servicing.
Never miss a deadline with the pro-active alerts and messaging.
Stay on top of your funding requests.

Real-time Information

24/7 updated synchronized data with the E-Rate master data.

Proactive Alerts

Create custom Alerts to monitor important dates critical to the management of the clients applications.

Extensive Data Analysis

Interactively view the data in a tabular form, Charts and Graphs .

Reduce the Clutter

Instead of working with all - now you can work with the selected Billing Entities (BEN) .

    myErate.com adds Form 470 Monitor
    “My Code Matters is happy to announce the latest feature added to our E-Rate Funding Analysis Tool, myErate.com. The Form 470 Filed Monitoring Tool. This new tool allows you to filter through new Form 470’s filed, complete with contact information and links to RFP’s.”
    Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting, LLC select myErate.com
    “My Code Matters is proud to announce Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting, LLC as a new client who selected myErate.com as their E-Rate funding analysis tool of choice. We look forward to providing a complete, simple and intuitive solution for E-Rate funding analysis.”

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Create private network between consultants, schools/Districts/libraries and service providers

Create a 24/7 collaborative private network between your related stakeholders. Message them or upload/receive documents for review by others. All communication stays within the system for easy access filed by the BEN or FRN. REQUIRES SIGNUP BY ALL STAKE HOLDERS

Post Documents - Latest Feature!

Upload important documents for your clients review.

Form 470 Monitor | Comprehensive filed tool- Latest Feature!

The new Form 470 filed monitoring tool allows you to filter through new Form 470's filed, complete with contact information and links to RFP's. Track them in your desired states to pick the ones you wish to work on. Use the historical award analysis option to see the history of awards and analyze the spins of interest. Export data to Excel or CSV for import into your CRM system.

Form 470 Filed Alerts - Latest Feature!

Activate the new Form 470 filed alerts in the states of your choice to receive email notifications when there is a new Form 470 filed.

Provide online access to the auditors coming soon!

Provide 24/7 instant access to your auditors who can review the Funding requests and related documents.

Online access to your eRATE clients coming soon!

Provide 24/7 instant access to your clients who can monitor their Funding requests and status.

Smartphone app - coming soon!

Activate the smartphone app to view alerts on your mobile phone.

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